Are you a user that receives content from multiple providers? Need to switch back & forth between them? 

Or you don’t know what I mean: 

Example - I am an Awesome Factory employee. I am training on 3 different brands that my company represents. Each has a different library because my admin wants to be sure that I know exactly which content is coming from who. As I switch libraries, the logo & colors are going to change to represent each brand!  

Lets take a look.
Step 1: Once logged into your account. You will see a “switch libraries button on the left hand navigation bar

Step 2: From there, you will see a list of libraries that you have access to. Click on the one you would like to switch to  

Step 3: Once you do, you will notice that the logo & colors have adjusted appropriately

Switch between libraries seamlessly & as often as you like! 

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