There may be files digital distributed to you that require you to add your signature. No problem - we have a tool for that. Let’s get started! 

Step 1: Open the file that requires your signature from your digital library by clicking on the name or the thumbnail. 

Step 2: Once opened, you will notice that there are several tool icons on the top bar just above the content. To see what each tool does, just hover your cursor over the icon. To expose more tools, click the down arrow.

Step 3: The signature image is the square with a quill (feather pen) sticking out of it (shown below).

Step 4: Once you click on this tool, your cursor will turn into a cross. Slide this cross to the location where you want to place your signature and then click on the screen. When you do, a signature window will open up.

Step 5: Use your cursor to draw your signature & then click the “Add Signature” button. This button will remain greyed out until you have made an entry. You can also check the “Make Default Signature” box if you would like to use this for future documents

Step 6: When finished, you will see your signature appears on the document with a record of it in your Annotation Timeline (on the left hand side). You can move your signature at any time by click & dragging it.

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