Now that you are inside your Mimeo Digital Library - aka our end user experience and home base for all content distributed to you - let’s talk about settings.

Step 1: The library page is your home screen. From there, you will notice a navigation bar to the left hand side. Go ahead and click the “Settings” tab.

Step 2: Once opened, here is what the settings screen looks like.

All of the fields - Full Name, Password, and Language are simply text fields or drop downs that you can change at any time. Just be sure to click the “Save” button prior to navigating away.

Step 3: Want to change your avatar? Just click the “Upload Photo” button. Once you do, it will jump into your hard drive to select a photo. Then, it will allow you to your define your specifications.

Step 4: Drag and widen the circle to your specification and size. This “avatar” will appear next to your name on any “notes” you take on a piece of content. See below for an example of Leo's notes.

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