Did you enter the wrong email address? Or maybe you need to change access from a team account to your individual email. Whatever the case may be, Mimeo Digital lets you change your password on demand from right within your account. 

Check out our quick and easy steps below! 

1. Visit the URL your administrator gave you. It will take the pattern https://________.mimeo.digital (usually that blank is filled in with the company name or class name) 

2. On the login page, enter credentials and click "login". 

3. Once inside your library, go to the navigation bar on the left hand side of the screen and click on the "settings" button.  

4. This page is your home base for managing your account details and logging out. To change your email, simply navigate to the email field and adjust it however you would like. Click "save" & then you're done! 

  • Just remember that once you click "save", your login credentials will be changed and you must use the new version when logging in. 

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