You are now able to open and view multiple documents simultaneously. Previously when you wanted to refer to another document or any other content, you would have to close the first one and then proceed to open the second one. So at one point of time, you could only have 1 content open.

The Mimeo digital app now has been upgraded to allow you to have multiple documents open at the same time. This allows you to refer to other documents and/or content while having the original content open. This feature works with any type of content, and is NOT restricted to only PDF documents. 

Note: This feature is currently only available on the desktop / web browser.

Once you open any content, On the viewer Menu pane, you will now see an option to select “View Multiple Documents”.

Clicking it allows you to select another content to open.

The example above shows a video being opened and being played while the main document is being browsed through. This is how you can open and view multiple content at the same time. Please note that while in multiple content viewing mode, the navigation bar for the regular documents changes to the bottom and to scroll left or right to browse through the document.

Can I switch to another content?

You can choose to open a different document by clicking the “Select Another” button.

How can return to the single content view?

You can go back to the main document by clicking on the “View Single” button.

Can I take notes and make annotations on each content individually?

Yes, you can take notes on each content independently. The notes taken on individual content remains attached to the respective content.

The ability to access multiple content at the same time allows an enhanced learning experience.

The Mimeo support team is always available to answer any queries that you may have.
Have a nice day!

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