What is a key?

Keys provide you with access to content. A key can hold one piece of content, like a document or a video, or several. Keys are often distributed to attendees either before or at a class, event, or program to enable access to all the relevant materials.

Keys have 12 alpha-numeric characters (example: ABC9DEF8GHI7).

Where do I get a key?

Keys are provided to you by your event coordinator or facilitator. If you've received an email with details on the upcoming event, that's a good place to look. 

While some keys are provided in advance of an event, others are given out to attendees at the start of the event or on-site.

Some providers include the key in the URL to Mimeo Digital. If the Mimeo Digital link you've been provided ends in "k=" followed by 12 characters (example: k=ABC9DEF8GHI7), that is your key. When you sign-up or sign-in, Mimeo Digital will automatically apply this key to your account.

What if I didn't receive a key?

Only your event coordinator or facilitator can provide you with a key. Please contact them directly with any questions. The Mimeo Digital support team cannot provide you with a key.

What do I do with my key?

Once you've been provided with a key, you can redeem it by clicking the "Redeem Key" button at the bottom of your library. If you have multiple libraries available, you can redeem any key from any library. If the content is from a different library than the one you're in, Mimeo Digital will prompt you to jump to that library.

What happens after I redeem my key?

Mimeo Digital may prompt you to enable Offline Access of your new content. This is securely save a copy of the content to your device so you can continue accessing the content even if you lose internet connectivity.

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