Making content available for offline access is a snap. Just make sure that you are on the device that you want to view in an offline manner, for these steps. 


Susie wants to view her content offline from both her tablet & smartphone. Great! But, Susie will need to go through these steps on both devices. 

Step 1: Login to your account via the Mimeo Digital Mobile app or via 

Step 2: Once inside your library, locate the content(s) that you would like to make available for offline access 

Step 3: Click on the three dots to the right hand side of the content name & icon. This will open a drop down of content settings that are available. The first one is “Enable Offline Access”

Step 4: Click the “Enable Offline Access” button & repeat for each piece of content that should be viewed in an offline manner. 

Step 5: You will notice a grey check mark appear in the bottom right hand corner of the content’s icon  - this denotes that the process is complete 

Step 5: Begin viewing offline content by selecting the Device version of your library. The “Device” button is at the top of your library screen

Quick Tip 

  • Admin must make a content available for offline access.
  • Making a content offline allows saving of memory as well as this helps if the internet connection is intermittent. 
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